Asbestos – contaminated sites

Asbestos - Contamination of land

WA Health has developed a range of guidance and information material relating to the investigation and management of land contaminated with asbestos containing material.  

The Guidelines for the Assessment, Remediation and Management of Asbestos-Contaminated Sites in Western Australia – May 2009 (PDF 3.38MB) serve as the primary asbestos guidance in the State.  The publication, gazetted under the CA Act in 2010, was a joint initiative of DER and the Department of Health.

In addition to this publication, WA Health has released a number of supporting guidance notes designed to:

  • help interpret the Guidelines
  • apply to particular asbestos contamination situations.

Compliance with The National Environment Protection (Assessment of Site Contamination) Measure (May 2013) (external site) is required for the assessment and management of contaminated sites in WA.  

Environmental Consultants and Analysts

The Guidance Note on Recommended Procedures for Laboratory Analysis of Asbestos in Soil – May 2011(PDF 357KB) provides more detail on the recommended analytical procedures outlined in Section 4.1.8 of the Guidelines.

The Asbestos Guidelines Summary Sheet (Updated 2018) (PDF 268KB) is an important tool to assist the interpretation and implementation of the Guidelines as it:

  • lists and references key recommended practices in the Guidelines
  • is updated on a regular basis to reflect relevant recent operational experiences.

Local Government

The Guidance Note on the Management of Small-Scale Low-Risk Soil Asbestos Contamination – May 2009 (PDF 121KB) describes a simplified process for handling some contaminated sites and is intended for use by Local Government Environmental Health Officers. 

The Guidance Note on the Identification, Assessment and Management of Asbestos Contamination in Regional Public Areas – May 2011 (PDF 394KB) was prepared to assist regional park managers address the issue of asbestos cement debris in a practical and effective manner.

Land Development

The Information Brochure for Owners and Occupiers (May 2009) (PDF 105KB) is recommended for use by developers to provide information and reassurance to prospective or existing owners and occupiers of a managed asbestos contaminated site. 

The template can be used for including  site specific information.  See Section 5.3 and Appendix E of the Guidelines for further information.

Factsheets and brochures

The following fact sheets provide information on asbestos-contaminated soil:

The Information for Owners and Occupiers – May 2009 (PDF 105KB) is recommended for use by developers and builders.

This resource can be used to provide information and reassurance to prospective or existing owners and occupiers of a managed asbestos-contaminated site.

The Brochure is discussed in Section 5.3 and included as Appendix E of the Guidelines.

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