COAG Legislative and Governance Forum on Food Regulation

The COAG Legislative and Governance Forum on Food Regulation (FoFR) (convening as the Australia New Zealand Food Regulation Ministerial Council) consists of:

  • the Health Minister representing the Australian Government
  • a Minister representing the New Zealand Government
  • the Health Ministers representing the Australian States and Territories
  • Ministers from other related portfolios (for example agriculture, primary industries, consumer affairs) where they have been nominated by their jurisdictions.

One Minister from each jurisdiction is the lead Minister and is expected to respond on behalf of their respective jurisdiction. In total there are 10 Ministers with voting rights.

Decisions about food regulation must be agreed by the majority of voting FoFR members before implementation.

FoFR has the ability to:

  • accept or reject food standards
  • identify food regulatory needs and place these on the national agenda
  • develop the underlying policy guidelines which must be considered by Food Standards Australia New Zealand (external site) when amending and developing food standards.
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