Stop the Violence campaign

This campaign raises awareness about incidents of violence and aggression against WA's healthcare workers in hospitals and other public health facilities.

Rising rates of aggression against frontline health staff are leaving them feeling unsafe at work.

A push to reduce violence is part of a system-wide approach to make public hospitals and health facilities safer for staff, patients and visitors.

The public awareness campaign encourages patients and visitors to consider the impact of their actions on others.

The campaign was an outcome of the Stop the Violence summit held in June that was attended by more than 100 healthcare staff, as well as security, unions and other key stakeholders.

  • Raise the profile among the WA community that violent and aggressive behaviour is not tolerated towards frontline health staff
  • Demonstrate a commitment to support zero tolerance of violence and aggression in the workplace
Key messages
  • Stop the violence against healthcare workers
  • Everyone should expect to feel safe in their work environment
  • Protect our staff, protect our patients
  • I can't care for you if I don't feel safe at work
Target audience
  • Patients, and their family and friends, who use hospital emergency department and other public health facilities

Campaign materials

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Stop the Violence

Stop the Violence


Stop the Violence

Stop the Violence