Climate change and health

Our changing climate now presents a significant and emerging threat to public health.

Publications by the World Health Organisation (Climate Change) (external site) and WA Health studies have identified numerous direct and indirect health impacts from climate change. Some of these include:

  • temperature health impacts
  • extreme weather related health effects
  • air pollution related health effects
  • water and food borne disease health impacts
  • vector borne disease health impacts and
  • indirect health impacts.

Climate change in Western Australia

In 2007 WA Health, in partnership with the World Health Organisation Collaborating Centre of Environmental Health Impact Assessment at Curtin University, considered the potential health impacts that may arise in Western Australia from Climate Change. The outcomes of this process have been published as: Health impacts of climate change: Adaptation strategies for Western Australia (PDF 902KB).

The information from the study is being used to inform Government and community policy and decision making for community adaptations.

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