Ear wax (paediatric)

Criteria for routine specialist referral via CRS

Patients with residual ear wax after recommended treatment, and at least one of the following:

  • symptoms causing significant morbidity, including hearing loss and pain
  • tympanic membrane needs to be visualised, e.g. for diagnostic purposes or to allow audiometry
  • hearing aid.

Referral information required

All referrals must include comprehensive medical history, relevant test results, summary of treatment to date and:

  • results of otoscopic examination
  • results of hearing tests or state reason why not undertaken
  • impact on patient’s quality of life
  • result of syringing or microsuction OR reason why contraindicated or not available.

Information about community management

Further information regarding primary care management of ENT conditions is available on HealthPathways WA (external site). Please email the HealthPathways team to obtain the login details: healthpathways@wapha.org.au. HealthPathways are currently working on responding to the new criteria and will have all the ENT pathways adapted to WA as soon as possible.