Notification of death of a woman as a result of pregnancy or childbirth

Any medical practitioner attending a woman who dies as the result of pregnancy or childbirth, or as the result of any complications arising from this, must report the event to the Chief Health Officer as soon as possible after the death, preferably within 48 hours.

Relevant legislation

The statutory requirement to notify maternal mortality is specified in Section 336 of the Health (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1911 (external site) (Part XIII).

Responsibility for notification

The medical practitioner attending the woman at the time of death.

Who must be notified

Under the Health (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1911, the Chief Health Officer must be notified.

How to notify

Notification can made by secure message, fax or mail. To make a notification please use on of the following options:

Secure file transfer
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Fax:9222 2322

Postal address
Office of the Chief Health Officer
Department of Health
PO Box 8172
Perth Business Centre WA 6849

Provide the following information as soon as possible, preferably within 48 hours:

  • patient name
  • date of death
  • place of death
  • contact details of reporting practitioner
  • Medical Certificate of Cause of Death, if available.

More information

For more information on notification of maternal deaths contact:

Chief Health Officer
Office of the Chief Health Officer
Telephone: 9222 2295
Fax: 9222 2322

Or postal address as above

Last reviewed: 26-10-2020
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