Voluntary Assisted Dying Board

The Voluntary Assisted Dying Board (the Board) is established under the Voluntary Assisted Dying Act 2019 for the purpose of ensuring proper adherence to the legislation and to recommend safety and quality improvements. The Board has mainly advisory and monitoring functions, it does not have an investigatory or enforcement role. The Board does not make decisions regarding applications for voluntary assisted dying.

Members of the Board

The inaugural members of the Voluntary Assisted Dying Board are:

  • Dr Scott Blackwell (Chairperson)
    The Board is chaired by general practitioner and former AMA WA branch president, Dr Scott Blackwell. Dr Blackwell has expertise in palliative and aged care and has chaired the Implementation Leadership Team on voluntary assisted dying.
  • Colin Holt (Deputy chairperson)
    Mr Holt recently retired as Member of the Legislative Council for the South West Region.  He was also deputy chairperson of the Joint Select Committee on End of Life Choices.
  • Dr Robert Edis
    Dr Edis is a consultant neurologist with a particular interest in motor neurone disease and is the vice president of the Motor Neurone Disease Association of WA.
  • Maria Osman
    Ms Osman is a senior consultant and advisor specialising in human rights, diversity and gender matters and is a former executive director of the WA offices of Multicultural Interests and Women's Policy. She was on the Ministerial Expert Panel on voluntary assisted dying. 
  • Linda Savage
    Ms Savage is a former director of the Social Security Appeals Tribunal and a legal member of the Administrative Appeals Tribunal. She has also been a Member of the Legislative Council.
Functions of the Board

The Board has the following functions:

  • to monitor the operation of the Act;
  • to provide to the Minister for Health or the Director General of the Department of Health (as the CEO under the Act), on its own initiative or on request, advice, information and reports on matters relating to the operation of the Act, including any recommendations for the improvements of voluntary assisted dying;
  • to refer to any of the following persons or bodies any matter identified by the Board in relation to voluntary assisted dying that is relevant to the functions of the Commissioner of Police, the Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages, the State Coroner, the CEO, the Director General of the Department of Justice, the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency and the Director of the Health and Disability Services Complaints Office;
  • to conduct analysis of, and research in relation to, information given to the Board under the Act;
  • to collect, use and disclose information given to the Board under the Act for the purposes of performing its functions;
  • any other function given to the Board under the Act.

Information related to functions of the Board

Submitting forms to the Board

The process for voluntary assisted dying has a number of forms that are required to be submitted to the Board.

The Voluntary Assisted Dying Information Management System (VAD-IMS) is the online platform by which practitioners can submit forms to the Board.

Most forms will be submitted by practitioners who have registered and completed the WA VAD Approved Training. These practitioners will have their own log in to VAD-IMS.

However, there are some practitioners who will need to complete and submit a form without having access to VAD-IMS. These forms include:

  • the First Request Form
  • the Consultation Referral Form
  • the Authorised Disposal Form
  • the Notification of Death (Other Medical Practitioner) Form

These forms can be completed via VAD-IMS without logging in to the system.

For further information on how to use VAD-IMS please refer to the section ‘VAD-IMS user support’.

For further information on the requirements of the voluntary assisted dying process please refer to the following resources:

VAD-IMS user support

There are two main types of practitioners who will need to use VAD-IMS. Those who have a log in for access to the system and those who do not.

Practitioners who have a log in to VAD-IMS

Full user support documentation and demonstration videos are available through MyFT. As part of the VAD-IMS registration process you will have been given access to the secure resource folder on MyFT (external site).

Practitioners who do not have a log in to VAD-IMS

The following Quick Reference Guides should assist you to complete your submission:

The following short demonstration videos may also assist you to complete your submission:

If you are seeking access to VAD-IMS:

User support from the Board Secretariat Unit

If you require further assistance, please contact the Board Secretariat Unit via VADBoard@health.wa.gov.au

Annual reports

The Board is required to give the Minister an Annual Report within 6 months after the end of each financial year.

The Minister is to table a copy of the report in each House of Parliament.

More information

WA Voluntary Assisted Dying Statewide Care Navigator Service
Ph: 08 08 9431 2755 or Email: VADcarenavigator@health.wa.gov.au

WA Voluntary Assisted Dying Statewide Pharmacy Service
Ph: 08 6383 3088 or Email: StatewidePharmacy@health.wa.gov.au

Voluntary Assisted Dying Board Secretariat Unit
Email: VADBoard@health.wa.gov.au

Last reviewed: 12-07-2021
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