Become a nurse or midwife

Nurses and midwives lead exciting lives! Not only are their jobs challenging, but they are personally, professionally and financially rewarding.

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They work in an exciting environment that is constantly changing, where no 2 days are ever the same.

There are a number of education pathways you can take to become a nurse or midwife and there are a range of different specialised areas of work to choose from. You can choose to be a general nurse or midwife or specialise in areas such as emergency, mental health, paediatrics or oncology.

Nursing and midwifery careers provide you with the opportunity and flexibility to progress and learn new skills. These skills are always in demand and will assist you to work almost anywhere in the world.

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Career pathways

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Types of nurses

The great thing about nursing and midwifery is that there is an area of specialisation to suit just about everyone. You can choose to take your career as far as you want to go and there will always be a position available for your qualifications and skills.

In Western Australia there are 3 main types of nurses:

You can also become a midwife or an assistant in nursing.

Each qualification requires a different skill level, knowledge base and qualification. WA Health encourages and supports all nurses and midwives to undertake further skills education and training.

Download our Pathways booklet (PDF 1.2 MB) or watch our video to find out more about the various pathways into nursing and midwifery careers.

For a more extensive list of the types of nursing and midwifery positions available in Western Australia see career structure in WA Health (external site).

More information

There are a number of places you can go to seek help if you have questions regarding any aspect of nursing and midwifery in Western Australia.


If you are interested in studying nursing or midwifery, contact the individual education providers for course information and entry requirements.

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