Previous recipients – Academic Support Grant


Eric Lim, East Metropolitan Health Service

Eric’s research ‘Facilitating cultural change in acute mental health inpatient settings: How do mental health nurses’ beliefs, attitudes, knowledge and skills influence the rate of consumer aggression’ focuses on the area of mental health recovery.  The research is supporting new models of nursing practice.

Debra Jeavons, East Metropolitan Health Service

Debra’s research ‘Evaluating the Hospital Emergency Response – Obstetrics study day for staff confidence in obstetric emergencies’ determines if the Hospital Emergency Response prepares staff to effectively recognise and manage an obstetric emergency.


Not awarded


Christine King, South Metropolitan Health Service

Christine’s research ‘Promoting Student Belongingness – The development, implementation and evaluation of a toolkit for nurses’ looked at the overall performance of the toolkit which was distributed to nurses in selected clinical areas for se during periods of clinical placements.

Peter Carr, South Metropolitan Health Service

Peter’s research is titled ‘Reducing peripheral intravenous catheter failure in the ED and beyond’.  The study looked at whether evidence-based APCD guide clinicians into making adjustments to their choice of PIVC insertion technique, site selection and device selection in order to reduce fail rates. 


Not awarded


Not awarded


Linda Coventry, Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital

Linda’s research Acute Myocardial infarction with and without chest pain: Patients predictors and patient outcomes’ studies a cohort of patients admitted at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital (2008-2009) who had a diagnosis of myocardial infarction (MI).

Mariyam Athifa, Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital

Mariyam’s research is titled Women of the Maldives post tsunami: A case study. Every day in the world, a disaster occurs. This can result in many people dying and increased health risks persisting in the surviving population.

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