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Aboriginal cultural learning plans

Aboriginal Cultural Learning Plans (CLP) are the second component of the WA Health Aboriginal Cultural Learning Package (ACLP) – a suite of online cultural learning tools, training and resources which have been developed for all WA Health staff.

WA Health provides staff and work areas the opportunity to develop an Aboriginal Cultural Learning Plan that will help embed Aboriginal cultural perspectives and understanding into everyday workplace practices.

All Health Services and the Department are required to complete an Aboriginal Cultural Learning Plan as a requirement of Health Services’ Service Agreements. Staff are also encouraged to complete their own individual Aboriginal Cultural Learning Plan.

Completing a CLP will give staff a greater understanding of why Aboriginal people view health needs, outcomes and services differently to the general population.

Staff will then be able to identify practical ways to include cultural considerations when designing and delivering services and programs, and contribute to a workforce that understands and respects these perspectives.

It also provides a vehicle to embrace cultural diversity by identifying strategies that will help build a skilled Aboriginal workforce by providing Aboriginal leadership opportunities.

Online training and templates for Aboriginal Cultural Learning Plans are available to all WA Health staff through the Department of Health’s Learning Management System or through their Health Service’s Learning Management System. The online training takes about ten minutes to complete.

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