Aeromedical Services WA Inquiry

The Aeromedical Services WA Inquiry has been established under part 15 of the Public Health Act 2016.

The aim of the Inquiry is to review current arrangements for aeromedical transport in Western Australia and make recommendations for improving patient outcomes and related governance and coordination arrangements.

Dr Marcus Kennedy (PDF 69KB) has been appointed by the current Chief Health Officer, Dr Andrew Robertson, to conduct the Inquiry.

The Inquiry phases include (indicative dates):

  • Stakeholder identification and preliminary discussions (August – September 2021)
  • Understanding current the state of WA aeromedical services (September – November 2021)
    • written submissions
    • public forums
  • Interjurisdictional review (November 2021)
  • Thematic analysis and options development (November - January 2022)
    • Conduct of formal hearings
  • Analysis and recommendations (January – February 2022)
  • Delivery of recommendations and Final Report (April 2022)

Aeromedical Services WA Inquiry Terms of Reference (PDF 77KB).

Public/stakeholder forums

The Aeromedical Services WA Inquiry held several public/stakeholder forums to further assist in developing an understanding of the ‘current state’ of aeromedical services within Western Australia; seeking to understand the perceived strengths and weaknesses.

Forums were held for each region and the Perth Metropolitan area, during late October/early November 2021. 

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Last reviewed: 01-11-2021