Improving health in WA

Sustainable Health Review

Final Report submitted to Government

In June 2017, the Government of Western Australia announced the Sustainable Health Review (external site) to prioritise the delivery of patient-centred, high quality and financially sustainable healthcare across the State.

Following the release of the Sustainable Health Review (SHR) Interim Report in February 2018, the Panel received a wealth of feedback from individuals, staff and organisations.

Further targeted consultation and engagement was conducted leading up to the Final Report, focusing on primary health, digital innovation, workforce and training, social services, mental health, climate and environmental health. For further information on these events please see News and Resources page.

The Final Report has now been submitted to Government for consideration. Information about the release of the report will be provided when it becomes available.

The SHR website provides a range of information about the Review, including our engagement reports, video messages, public submissions, and other news and resources.

Following the release of the Final Report, the report and a range of other supporting materials will also be made available online.

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