04 March 2022

New initiative to support Western Australians living with obesity

With more than two in three adults, and one in four children in Western Australia above a healthy weight, a new initiative has been unveiled.

The WELL Collaborative is part of the WA Healthy Weight Action Plan 2019-2024.

Education and communication will come to the fore of obesity management, with Department of Health backing this new partnership to address the complex social and health issues that impact overweight and obesity.

Launched on World Obesity Day, the Weight Education and Lifestyle Leadership (WELL) Collaborative has been established to change the way people consider, talk about and manage overweight and obesity in Western Australia.

Megan Burley, Director of Health Networks, Department of Health said that obesity was the second leading contributor to death and disease in Western Australia, after tobacco.

“Factors leading to obesity are complex including genetics and social determinants such as food security, health literacy, cultural factors, and the obesogenic environment we live in.”

“WA Health is committed to supporting people living with overweight and obesity, and providing useful tools, like the WELL Collaborative, to help navigate their health journey,” Ms Burley said.

“Obesity is a complex condition and can significantly impact a person’s health and wellbeing over their lifetime. It’s important we have these conversations and work together to ensure healthier, happier and longer lives for everybody.”

The WELL Collaborative is supported by a website for health practitioners and consumers to find the information they need for managing overweight and obesity. Resources are scientifically sound, consumer-informed and include evidence-based guidelines, directories for health professionals, as well as training opportunities.

The online platform is a collaboration between WA Health, WA Primary Health Alliance and the Health Consumers’ Council, and was developed in partnership with more than 100 stakeholders from over 40 organisations, including consumers.

The initiative delivers on the State Government’s WA Healthy Weight Action Plan 2019-2024, which was established to help tackle WA’s rising obesity rates.

For more information, visit: www.thewellcollaborative.org.au



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