28 January 2022

New consumer quotas for rapid antigen tests announced

New directions on the Sale and Supply of Rapid Antigen Tests were signed by the Chief Health Officer earlier this week, with the new rules now in place (effective from 26 January 2022).

Dr Andrew Robertson, Chief Health Officer said that the directions had been put in place to enable proper management of the supply of the tests in Western Australia.

“Rapid antigen tests are an additional screening tool to help identify people who have COVID-19 but they are not recommended as a diagnosis tool at this stage,” Dr Robertson said.

“At this point of the pandemic in WA, PCR testing is still the appropriate and most effective tool to diagnose COVID-19, particularly for symptomatic people.

“When there is widespread community transmission in Western Australia, use of rapid antigen tests for diagnosis will be a further available tool in the public health response.”

Under the new directions, limits have been placed on the purchase of rapid antigen tests for personal use, at retailers and on online.

Under the rules, an individual will be able to buy one box of rapid antigen tests or up to three individually wrapped tests for personal use at any one time. The limits are slightly higher per household.

“Suppliers and retailers must take all reasonable steps to ensure they are only selling to people for personal use,” Dr Robertson said.

Western Australians are urged to continue to follow the latest public health advice.

More information about managing COVID-19 at home and in the community is available on the HealthyWA website. The new directions are available online.


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