30 September 2022

COVID-planning vital for travellers

With people travelling to see family and friends over the spring school holidays, it is important they be prepared and follow current COVID-19 public health and social measures to help keep everyone safe.

Travellers are reminded to think about what they will do if they test positive for COVID-19 or become a close contact while they are away.

It is recommended to pack a COVID-kit that includes:

  • rapid antigen tests (RATs)
  • face masks
  • hand sanitiser
  • tissues
  • thermometer
  • electrolytes
  • proof of vaccination

If people develop COVID-like symptoms or become a close contact, they should get tested at once – RATs are a safe, convenient, and quick choice, particularly in regional or remote WA.

People at greater risk of severe disease from COVID-19 are encouraged to ask their GP for information on other safety measures and a plan in case they get COVID-19 or become a close contact.

For more information on COVID-safe travel, visit HealthyWA.wa.gov.au/coronavirus.