WA Health Fees and Charges Manual 2019/20

1 July 2019

The WA Health Fees and Charges Manual 2019-20 sets out the rules in relation to fees and charges that Health Service Providers may apply for ‘health services’ and ‘other goods and services’.

The Manual includes much of the information that was previously in the WA Health Patient Fees and Charges Manual, with appropriate changes and additional information that reflect the new fees and charges regime applicable to Health Service Providers from 1 July 2016, as a result of the introduction of the Health Services Act 2016 (HSA).

(For the purposes of this Manual: a ‘health service’ is a service provided for maintaining, restoring, or managing a person’s physical and mental health and wellbeing (including goods and facilities related thereto) and ‘other goods and services’ are services provided that are not ‘health services’ (including goods and facilities related thereto).