Chief Allied Health Office (CAHO)

The Chief Allied Health Office (CAHO), led by Jennifer Campbell in the role of Chief Allied Health Officer, provides leadership and strategic advice on issues including workforce planning, reform and education for 26 professions in the allied health and health science workforce.

The Office has a broad systems role in:

  • identifying trends in the delivery of allied health and health science services and workforce across the WA health system
  • encouraging leadership and strategic direction for allied health and health science services
  • collaborating with Health Service Providers, allied health and health science professionals to facilitate a safe, effective and efficient health system
  • providing high level policy advice to State and Commonwealth governments on issues relevant to the allied health and health science professions.

View information on regulated and self-regulating professions and the relevant registration Boards.

Allied Health and Health Science Professions Strategic Research Framework

The Allied Health and Health Sciences Research and Knowledge Translation – A Strategic Framework (PDF 260KB) developed by the Chief Allied Health Office (CAHO) aims to build health profession involvement and leadership in research and knowledge translation. The framework supports compliance with the 2016 WA Health Research Policy Framework (external site)

Governance and Leadership in Allied Health: Tools and Resources

It is essential that allied health and health science (AHHS) leaders understand the role of organisational structures, the way by which formal and informal authority and power is distributed and the implications of different organisational governance structures for AHHS service provision and professional development.

This short animation by Professor Rosalie Boyce condenses three decades of research into health service organisational structures and governance models. It clearly explains the impact of the different governance models and the significance for best practice patient care.

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Governance and leadership in allied health – an animation (external site)
Governance and leadership in allied health - learning workbook for allied health leaders (external site)


Some of the recent significant projects include:

  • Annual Allied Health Rotary Awards for Excellence in Teamwork
  • Allied Health Assistants
  • Clinical Handover
  • Research Capacity Building
  • Rural and Remote Allied Health Generalist


The Chief Allied Health Office (CAHO) have produced the following reports:

  • Supporting and Developing the Allied Health Assistant Workforce 2015 (PDF 740KB)
  • WA Health Physiotherapy Expanded Practice Project - Consultation Summary Report 2015 (PDF 495KB)
  • WA Health Physiotherapy Expanded Scope of Practice Project - A Literature Overview 2015 (PDF 947KB)
  • Standardised Health Profession Titles 2015 (PDF 282KB)
  • Other strategic reports can be found in the Reports and Publications section of this website. 


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