Statutory Board Operations

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Policy framework statement

The Statutory Boards Operations Policy Framework specifies the governance and operations of statutory health boards that all board governed Health Service Providers (HSPs) must comply with in order to ensure effective and consistent board operations across the WA health system.


The Director General (DG) of the Department of Health is the System Manager responsible for the overall management, strategic direction and stewardship of the WA health system. The DG will use policy frameworks to ensure a consistent approach to a range of matters undertaken by HSPs. Policy frameworks must be complied with and implemented as a part of ongoing operations.

The purpose of this policy framework is to ensure:

  • statutory boards are provided with information regarding System Manager expectations and minimum standards for board governed HSPs
  • clarify the functions, roles, responsibilities and accountabilities for health service boards. 


This policy framework is binding on each board governed HSP to which it applies or relates, with the exception of the Quadriplegic Centre and Health Support Services (Chief Executive governed).


The key principles1 that underpin this policy framework are:

Implementing good practices in transparency, reporting, and audit, to deliver effective accountability.

Developing the capacity of HSPs, including capabilities of its leadership and the individuals within it.

Ethical values
Behaving with integrity, respecting the rule of law, acting impartially and in the public interest.

Defining and determining actions necessary to optimise achievement of intended outcomes for consumers and to support the delivery of quality, safe health care through strategic governance and planning activities.

Relationship management
Ensuring openness and comprehensive engagement with stakeholders, both internal and external to the WA health system.

Risk management
Managing risks and performance through robust internal control and strong public financial management.

Legislative context

The Health Services Act 2016 refers to policy frameworks in ss. 26-27 and s. 34(2)(c). Other relevant parts in the Act that relate specifically to this policy framework include Part 8. 

Other legislation applicable to this policy framework: Key State Legislation Which May Impact WA Health Service Boards

Mandatory requirements

Under this policy framework HSPs must comply with all mandatory requirements* including:

*Any mandatory requirement document that references the Hospitals and Health Act 1927 must be interpreted as a requirement under the Health Services Act 2016.

Supporting information

The following documents support and inform the implementation of the mandatory requirements:

The following documents are located on the Board Connect Web Portal:

  • Committee Terms of Reference Templates
  • Conflict of Interest Guidelines
  • Conflict of Interest Register
  • Conflict of Interest Matrix
  • Gift Register
  • Local Board Governance Manual
  • System Manager Board Assurance Framework. 

Policy framework custodian

A/Assistant Director General
Strategy and Governance

Enquiries relating to this policy framework may be directed to:


This policy framework will be reviewed as required to ensure relevance and recency. At a minimum this policy framework will be reviewed within two years after first issue and at least every three years thereafter.

Version Effective from Effective to Amendment(s)
1 1 July 2016 30 November 2016 Original version
2 30 November 2016 19 January 2017 Removed WA Health Operational Plan link from Supporting Information.
3 19 January 2017 6 September 2017 Major Amendment to MP 0035/16.
4 6 September 2017 6 December 2017 Major Amendment to MP 0035/16
5 6 December 2017 10 January 2018 Major Amendment to MP 0035/16
6 10 January 2018 12 November 2018 Removed WA Clinical Services Framework 2014-2024, WA Health Funding and Policy Guidelines 2015-16, WA Health Strategic Asset Plan, Guide to Procurement and Contract Management for WA Health, Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Strategy, and WA Health Financial Management Manual links from Supporting Information.
7 12 November 2018 22 November 2018 Rescindment of MP 0035/16.
8 22 November 2018 14 May 2019 MP 0035/16 Reinstated.
9. 14 May 2019 Current MP 0107/19 Health Service Provider Board Governance Policy superseding MP 0035/16 v4.1. Following comprehensive review and subsequent to correspondence issued to each Health Service Provider Board, this new policy ensures strengthened consistency both with the Statutory Board Operations Policy Framework and the Health Services Act 2016. The Health Service Provider Board Governance Guide has also been developed and contains additional information to support Board procedures, processes and governance requirements. 

System Manager assurance and board evaluation will occur annually as prescribed in the Statutory Board Governance Policy and the Local Board Governance Manual. Both the System Manager and HSPs will contribute to the review using the following resources as a minimum standard:

  • System Manager Board Assurance Framework 
  • Board Evaluation Framework 


This policy framework has been approved and issued by the Director General of the Department of Health as the System Manager.

Approval byDr D J Russell-Weisz, Director General, Department of Health
Approval date01 July 2016
Date published22 November 2018
File numberF-AA-40154


This policy framework is binding on those to whom it applies or relates. Implementation at a local level will be subject to audit.

Glossary of terms

Term Meaning
Applicability Under Section 26 of the Health Services Act 2016, policy frameworks may apply to:
  • All Health Service Providers
  • A type of public health service facility
  • A type of public health service
  • A type of staff member of a health service provider.
Board Evaluation Framework This framework will provide tools to assist Boards (and Health Service Providers) to self-assess and evaluate standards of governance, as well as the performance of the board and board members.
Board governed provider A health service provider specified by order of the Minister to be a board governed provider.
Health Service Provider/Boards

Means a Health Service Provider established by an order made under section 32(1)(b) of the Health Services Act 2016.

A health service provider may be governed by board or chief executive, Part 70 Health Services Act 2016.

Local Board Governance Manual Health Service Provider owned board governance document that specifies detailed information and direction regarding local expectations and minimum standards for governance and operations of statutory health boards (or “health service providers”) established under the new health legislation.
Statutory Board Governance Policy System Manager policy that specifies detailed information and direction regarding system manager expectations and minimum standards for governance and operations of statutory health boards (or HSPs) established under the new health legislation.
System Manager Board Assurance Framework This framework will enable the System Manager to oversee and monitor the maintenance of minimum standards of board governance across the WA health system.
WA health system Pursuant to section 19(1) of the Health Services Act 2016, means the Department of Health, Health Service Providers and to the extent that Contracted Health Entities provide health services to the State, the Contracted Health Entities.

1Adapted from the “The International Framework: Good Governance in the Public Sector” pages 10-11, developed by the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy and the International Federation of Accountants. The Framework is available to view at: