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Smaller and flatter than an orange, tender soft sweet flesh with loose orange skin and small pips. Easy to peel and segment. Eat fresh, salads both sweet and savoury, adds flavour and colour to desserts.


  • Ellendale
  • Murcott
  • Imperial
  • Hickson


Choose fruit with glossy skin and fine texture. Choose those that feel heavy for their size. Avoid soft spots. A loose feel and puffy appearance is normal due to the easy-to-peel skin.


Room temperature or under refrigeration.

Serving suggestion

Line a salad plate with witlof leaves. Pile mandarin and grapefruit segments on top, sprinkle with fresh thyme leaves and lightly coat with a dressing made with olive oil, limejuice, and slivers of preserved ginger.

Toss mandarin segments with grated carrot, finely chopped red onion and coriander leaves, dressed with orange juice and avocado (or olive) oil.

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