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Juicy, round fruit, shiny orange pitted skin. Distinctive citrus fragrance and flavour. Peel and eat fresh, salads, juice, sauces, desserts. Peel and eat fresh, salads, juice, sauces, desserts.


  • Navels: seedless with navel-like formation at the blossom end of the fruit.
  • Valencia: have a juicy, sweet flavour, contain some seeds and thinner peel.
  • Seville: high acid orange, only suitable for marmalade and glazes.
  • Blood oranges: have a deep red flesh.


Choose firm, heavy, glossy fruit. Avoid soft spots.


Store at room temperature or covered under refrigeration.


To segment an orange, cut the pith from the orange and run the knife between the membranes of each segment. Do this over a bowl to catch the juice.

The outer peel, or zest has a very concentrated orange flavour. If using, remove from the pith carefully with a zester or grater.

Serving suggestion

Combine peeled sliced oranges with green skinned apple slices and lots of chopped mint and chives. Make a dressing of equal quantities of orange and lemon juice and little honey and ground black pepper whish in a little sesame oil to taste. Toss gently.

Add fresh orange juice to chicken stock while cooking giving a delicious tangy flavour.

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