Approved alternative treatment systems

The following table details the approved alternative treatment systems that are approved by the Department of Health WA.
Where nutrient retention is required, the local government should be consulted to determine if the systems’ nutrient removal capacity will meet their requirements.

Manufacture / Supplier Brand Name Model System Capacity Comments Expiry Date

Filtrex Innovative Wastewater Solutions (external site)

PO  Box 5122
Bunbury WA 6231
Ph: (08) 9726 0118

Filtrex Alternative Treatment Systems  ATS-2 Up to 564L/day The system is currently undergoing testing to AS1546.3:2017 with the interim licence SMK40786  Not Approved, Interim SAI Global Licence SMK40786
ATS-4 Up to 829L/day 
ATS-5 Up to 1099L/day 
ATS-6  Up to 1369L/day
 ATS Gen-X  Variable (approved for commercial systems)

Wormsmart Bio-Logical Waste Systems PL
60 Country Club Drive

WA Supplier:
Anthony Smith
Ph: 0407247844 or
08 9758 8640 

Wormsmart AWSP1800PF  1800L/day Septic tanks are approved only for below ground installation only as a primary treatment system with underground disposal.

System not certified to remove nutrients.

Global certification No: 339


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Last reviewed: 10-11-2021
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