Food Unit notices

The Food Unit Notices are designed to educate and inform about food safety legislation that applies to stakeholders and what they can do to ensure they comply with the law.

Table: Food Unit notices
Notice number Date of issue Title
19.02  04/10/2019  Cadmium in Sheep and Cattle Kidneys (PDF 153KB)
19.01 22/07/2019 Emergency Animal Disease Plan for Domestic and Export Registered, State Regulated (Tier 1) Abattoirs and Knackeries in WA (PDF 300 KB)
18.01 27/03/2019 Australian Standard Alternative Equivalent Procedures (PDF 247 KB)
11.01 28/02/2011 Labelling of Imported Alcoholic Beverages (PDF 156KB)
10.07 25/11/2010 Approved laboratories and analysts (PDF 96KB)
10.05 17/11/2010 School canteen fees and charges (PDF 86KB)
10.04 01/10/2010 Publication of Names of Offenders Policy – Update (134KB)
10.03 05/11/2019 Businesses involved in the primary production and sale of fruit and vegetables (PDF 146KB)
10.02 24/05/2010 Management of community food related activities (PDF 134KB)
10.01 19/12/2018 Safe handling of eggs and products containing eggs (PDF 73KB)
09.05 13/11/2009 Microbial contamination of fresh-cut fruits and vegetables (PDF 115KB)
09.03 05/03/2009 Mandatory folic acid fortification of wheat flour for bread making – Standard 2.2.1 – Cereals and Cereal Products – Compliance and Enforcement Model (PDF 178KB)
09.01 09/04/2009 The control and handling of non-conforming meat or meat products (PDF 113KB)

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