Rainfall in WA has been declining since the 1970s, which means we have to work together to reduce water use and reuse water.

A greywater system can help you save water by irrigating your garden with water from the bath, shower, washing machine, and laundry trough. Some systems are also approved to use water from kitchen sink.

Installation of a greywater system in your home requires approval by your local government and there are legislative requirements you need to be aware of.

Guidance on how to safely use greywater diversion devices (GDD) in your home for watering garden via sub-surface irrigation can be found in this factsheet.

Follow the simple steps to installing a domestic greywater system:

  1. Read the Code of Practice for the Reuse of Greywater in Western Australia 2010 (PDF 1.3MB) (The Code). All greywater reuse systems must meet the legislative requirements of The Code.
  2. Check that the system is approved for use in WA - WA approved systems.
  3. Lodge an Application to Construct or Install an Apparatus for the Treatment of Sewage (DOC 303KB) with your local government. It is an offence to install and use a wastewater system without an approval and “Permit to Use” from the local government.
Refer to the Local Government Directory (external site) for your local contact details.

Commercial schemes

For large commercial Greywater reuse schemes including multi-dwellings using greywater for in-house uses such as toilet flushing refer to the Guidelines for the Use of Recycled Water in Western Australia (PDF 2.06MB).

Further information

Approval is not required if you are reusing Greywater via manual bucketing. If you are bucketing greywater, refer to the Code.

For further information, contact your local government Environmental Health Officer.
Last reviewed: 21-06-2016
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