Mobile food business centralised register

The Mobile Food Vendor Centralised Register (the Register) assists local government enforcement agencies to manage administration and compliance matters for mobile food businesses including:

  • temporary food premises
  • mobile food operators
  • market stalls
  • caterers.

Only participating local governments who have signed and submitted the Memorandum of Understanding can access the Mobile Food Vendor Centralised Register here (external site). Please note there have been delays with launching the website and it is anticipated that the website will now go live during May 2022. 

Each user within a participating local government will be assigned user access by the Environmental Health Directorate.

Any local government within WA can choose to participate in the register at any time once the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) signs and submits the Memorandum of Understanding (PDF 250KB).

About the register

The development of the Mobile Food Vendor Centralised Register was initiated as a result of consultation between the Department of Health’s Environmental Health Directorate (EHD), local government and industry, with the aim to assist in the administrative and compliance challenges relating to food businesses operating outside of their registering enforcement agency district, such as those trading at public events.

In Western Australia (WA), all food businesses are required to be registered under the Food Act 2008 (the Act) with their enforcement agency before they start to operate. This not only includes fixed premises, but also temporary and mobile food premises, such as a market stall or a food van.

Local governments are deemed an "enforcement agency" as per section 8 of the Act and are responsible for administering relevant parts of the Act. For example, each local government is required to maintain its own "register" of food businesses under section 115 of the Food Act.

Currently, local governments use separate and individual registers to manage administrative and food safety compliance information of food businesses in WA.

Using the register

Read the Mobile Food Vendor Centralised Register – Information for authorised officers (PDF 100KB)  for details on how to use the register. 

Authorised Officers from participating local governments will be provided additional information upon registration. 

All feedback and queries can be emailed to or phone 9222 2000.

Local government participation

All WA local governments are encouraged to participate in using the register. To organise access:

  1. The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) must sign the Memorandum of Understanding (PDF 500KB)
  2. Submit the signed Memorandum of Understanding to
  3. The Memorandum of Understanding will be verified by the Environmental Health Directorate and user access will be granted 

The Register allows essential information on temporary and mobile food businesses to be stored in a centralised location that can be accessed by participating local government enforcement agencies. 

The ability to access essential information on such registered and notified food businesses will help achieve compliance with section 109 of the Act – conduct of an unregistered food business, and advances the health objectives of the Act.

The Register will have restricted access to participating local governments and EHD users only. There will be no public access permitted.

The Mobile Food Vendor Registration Infographic (PDF 250KB) outlines the benefits for local governments to participate.

Last reviewed: 30-08-2021
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Environmental Health Directorate