Pest industry licensing and registration

The Department of Health administers (manages) the Health Act (Pesticides) Regulations 2011 (external site). These regulations require that persons working in the pest management industry and pest management businesses are registered by the Department of Health.

Licensing and Business Registration

Any person who wants to work in the pest management industry must obtain a technicians licence from the Department of Health. To be eligible for a technicians licence the applicant must have obtained the appropriate qualifications or competency training listed in the guide for pest management technicians (PDF 600KB). The applicant must also be employed in a business registered by the Department of Health.

Pest management businesses that wish to operate in Western Australia must be registered by the Department of Health. To register a business, the proprietor or owner-operator must have satisfied the requirements listed in the guide to registering a business (PDF 167KB). Owner-operators must ensure they have satisfied any local government requirements prior to applying.

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