Safe Handling of Eggs and Products Containing Eggs

The Department of Health has developed a number of documents associated with the implementation of Regulatory Guideline No.5 (PDF 1309KB) - The preparation of raw egg-based product-consistent approach to be adopted by enforcement agencies.

The table below provides a brief overview of the associated documents, intended to be used by enforcement agencies and food businesses.

Document Description
Regulatory Guideline No. 5 (PDF 1309KB)  The Regulatory Guideline has been issued to assist enforcement agencies on how to both assess and address compliance requirements specified within the Food Act 2008 relating to the handling of raw egg-based products in WA
Food Unit Notice - Safe Handling of Eggs and Products Containing Eggs (PDF 73KB) The Food Unit Notice provides both enforcement agencies and food businesses with guidance on how best to safely handle eggs and products containing eggs in WA 
Compliance Strategy - Handling and Sale of Raw Egg (PDF 350KB) The Compliance Strategy briefly outlines the rationale and means by which enforcement agencies are to approach compliance matters associated with raw egg use in WA 
Egg Use Inspection Checklist (Word 83KB) The Checklist provides a consistent method for authorised officers to collect information for the purposes of assessing compliance of raw egg use by food businesses in WA 
Advisory Letter for Council (Word 56KB) The Advisory Letter offers enforcement agencies a consistent means to raise awareness of risks associated with raw egg-based products which are handled as part of a food business 
Template Prohibition Order - Processing of Raw Egg Products (Word 54KB)  The Template is available for use by enforcement agencies where it is necessary to prevent or mitigate a serious danger to public health, or where an improvement notice has been issued which is specific to the processing of raw egg products 

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