Mental health workforce

Over the next 5 years mental health services in Western Australia will be significantly expanded.

Additional skilled and experienced mental health professionals are needed to supplement our dedicated mental health workforce across acute care and community-based services.

WA Health is seeking to recruit individuals into roles such as:

  • consultant psychiatrist
  • addiction medicine specialist
  • mental health nurse
  • aboriginal health worker
  • social worker
  • clinical psychologist
  • clinical neuropsychologist
  • occupational therapist.



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Nursing in mental health

Mental health nurses specialise in caring for children and adolescents, adults, seniors, or those in the justice or prison systems with mental illness or mental health problems.  This care occurs in a variety of settings and in partnership with the patient, their family, and the community.

Mental health nurses can be enrolled nurses (ENs) or registered nurses (RNs) and may also be required to have postgraduate qualifications in mental health.

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Last reviewed: 07-07-2021