The CAHS Executive is comprised of:

Picture of Frank Daly
Professor Frank Daly
Chief Executive
Picture of Michelle Dillon
Michelle Dillon
Executive Director PMH
Picture of Erin Gauntlett
Erin Gauntlett
Executive Director of
Organisational Development
Picture of Wayne Millen
Wayne Millen
Executive Director Finance,
Contract Management and Procurement
Picture of Lisa Brennan
Lisa Brennan
Executive Director
Child and Adolescent Community Health
Picture of Wade Emmeluth
Wade Emmeluth
Executive Director
Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service
Picture of Caroline Goossens
Dr Caroline Goossens
Director of Clinical Services
Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service
Photo of Rosie Keeley
Rosie Keeley
Director Strategic Issues,
Office of the Chief Executive
Picture of Gervase Chaney
Dr Gervase Chaney
Executive Director
Perth Children's Hospital

Dr Mark Salmon
Director Clinical Services
Picture of Sue Peters
Sue Peter
Director PMH Nursing and
PCH Commissioning
Picture of Leah Bonson
Leah Bonson
Director Aboriginal Health
Image of Amanda Magraith
Amanda Magraith
Consumer Advisory Council Representative
Picture of April Welsh
April Welsh
Youth Advisory Committee Representative