East Metropolitan Health Service (EMHS) comprises an extensive hospital and health service network that aims to maintain and improve the health and wellbeing of more than 680,000 Western Australians in its catchment area.

Our hospital network works together to provide a combination of tertiary, secondary and specialist health care services including emergency and critical care, state trauma, elective and emergency surgery, general medical, mental health, inpatient and outpatient services, aged care, palliative care, rehabilitation and women’s, children’s and neonates services.

We offer health care services at:

Tertiary Hospitals provide the highest level of care, often treating those with serious injuries or life-threatening conditions.

Royal Perth Hospital provides essential tertiary health services to our East Metropolitan community

General hospitals provide various services across a range of medical specialties to meet broader health needs.

Armadale, Midland and each of their surrounding communities are greatly supported by the Armadale Health Service and St John of God Midland Public Hospital. 

Specialist hospitals provide specific health care services, such as mental health, aged care, rehabilitation and elective surgery.

Bentley Health Service provides much-needed specialist services to its large catchment area, while the 49-bed Kalamunda Hospital offers a range of health services to its local community.