About child abuse and neglect

The health and wellbeing of the children of Western Australia is everybody’s business.

All health staff have an obligation to take action on behalf of any child whom they believe, based on their professional judgement is being, or is at risk of being, abused or neglected.

If you have any such concerns about any child, the following information will guide you through your professional and legal obligations to take the level of action required:

Kids Helpline Department for Child Protection and Family Support Child Protection Unit at Princess Margaret Hospital

Statewide Protection of Children Coordination (SPOCC) Unit

The SPOCC unit works with WA Health Services statewide to promote and support the prevention of child abuse and neglect as a public health issue.

It achieves this through:

  • providing training, consultation, policy development, information and on line resources
  • developing, promoting, strengthening and evaluating processes between agencies that support the protection of children, the health needs of children in care and the reduction of child abuse and neglect
  • leading the implementation of mandatory reporting of child sexual abuse across WA Health.

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Statewide Protection of Children Coordination (SPOCC) Unit