Healthcare Infection Surveillance Western Australia (HISWA) reports

A key function of the Healthcare Associated Infection Unit (HAIU) is to produce the Healthcare Infection Surveillance Western Australia (HISWA)  reports. These reports are provided regularly for all indicators submitted to HISWA and include:

  • routine and ad hoc individual hospital reports accessible via automated reporting function on the HISWA database
  • aggregated quarterly reports available on the HAIU website
  • annual aggregated data report published in hard copy and available on the HAIU website.

In addition the following reports are generated for mandatory indicators:

  • monthly MRSA inpatient infection report by Area Health Service and Hospital for the Director General of Health
  • annual mandatory indicator report by hospital for the Director General of Health, Chief Medical Officer, Chief Executives of Area Health Services / Hospitals
  • monthly MRSA inpatient infection report for the Four Hour Rule Reporting Program.

Infection rates are risk-adjusted where possible to reflect differences in clinical case-mix between participating hospitals. Aggregation allows for system-wide priority setting, evaluation and benchmarking.

A brief explanation of the rates used in HISWA reports can be found in the Interpretation of reports flyer (PDF 190 KB).  

Annual reports 

Summary and detailed analysis (de-identified) of all data submitted to HISWA for each financial year.

Aggregate reports

Summary and brief analysis (de-identified) of data submitted to HISWA for each quarter

Other reports

Results of other surveillance activities and projects

Reports are available for up to 12 months after publication on this webpage. If you would like a copy of an older report, please email HISWA.

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