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The Medical and Health Research Infrastructure Fund (MHRIF) is an infrastructure funding scheme implemented by the State Government to promote excellence in health and medical research in Western Australia.

The scheme provides medical and health researchers with funding to support their research programs by covering infrastructure costs which are not usually a component of competitive research grants, such as research equipment, general support staff, computers and common office services.

Grants awarded under the MHRIF are based on the total eligible research grant income from nationally or internationally competitive, peer-reviewed sources within the previous 3 years.

Applicants must meet a prescribed minimum threshold of eligible research grant income in order to receive an MHRIF grant. This ensures that researchers meet a criterion of ‘excellence’.

Since 1997, there have been 21 rounds of the MHRIF during which a total of $96 million has been allocated to medical and health researchers in Western Australia.

Funding round status - closed

The Medical and Health Research Infrastructure Fund (MHRIF) is not currently open for applications.

The MHRIF 2017 (Round 21) Guidelines and Conditions (PDF 205KB) and MHRIF 2017 (Round 21) Application Form (Word 175KB) may be accessed as reference documents.

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