Notification of cervical screening test results

The results of Pap smears and related cervical investigations must be provided to the WA Cervical Screening Registry, Department of Health by all laboratories within 60 days of completing the test.

This includes cytology test results (screening), histological test results (cervical biopsies), as well as any cervical human papillomavirus (HPV) tests.

A woman may choose to not have her results forwarded to the Cervical Screening Registry.

In this instance, the Pap smear provider is responsible for notifying the laboratory that these results should not be forwarded to the Register (by clearly marking the pathology request form).

All identifications of cervical cancer must be reported to the Western Australian Cancer Registry. This is required under part two of the Health (Western Australian Cancer Register) Regulations 2011 (external site).

Relevant legislation

The statutory requirement for notification of cervical screening test results is specified in Regulation 9 of the Health (Cervical Screening Register) Regulations 1991 (external site).

Responsibility for notification

The person in charge of the laboratory undertaking cervical screening and testing, unless the woman has elected to opt out of the reporting system.

Who must be notified

Under the Health (Cervical Screening Register) Regulations 1991, the Chief Executive Officer of the Department of Health must be notified.

How to notify

The results of Pap smears and other cervical investigations must be electronically forwarded to the WA Cervical Screening Registry, Department of Health by laboratories. The laboratory is to send an encrypted and signed email with the cervical screening test results attached.

Notification due

Within 60 days of completing the test.


More information

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