Former GDP participants – Lucy Chan

Degree and graduate year

  • 2012 Graduate Development Program – Workforce Data Analysis stream.
  • Bachelor of Science (Psychology) and Bachelor of Commerce (Economics) at Curtin University.
  • Bachelor of Psychology (First Class Honours) also at Curtin University.

What attracted you to WA Health’s graduate program?

Aside from the opportunity to gain on-the-job work experience with WA Health, the program’s offer of professional development and training activities, all provided within a supportive environment that included buddies and mentors, really appealed to me.

What areas did you work in while in the graduate program?

As part of the Workforce Data Analysis stream of the Graduate Development Program, I was based in the Workforce Modelling and Data Branch with WA Health. During this time my work also involved liaising with WA Country Health Service as my main project was to develop a Quarterly Workforce Report for this area.

What did you enjoy most about your graduate year?

I enjoyed being able to challenge myself and apply the research and analytical skills I had acquired from my university studies into a real-life practical context. In addition, being given the opportunity to learn how to use new software programs that furthered my skills and abilities was an invaluable experience.

What is your current position?

I currently work for North Metropolitan Health Service with the Workforce Planning team as a Business Reporting Analyst.

What does your current job involve?

I analyse and maintain the regular reporting of workforce data for the purposes of aiding and informing workforce planning activities.

What has been your most memorable experience while working in WA Health?

For me, simply being able to be a part of the Graduate Development Program itself was a memorable experience because it not only helped me to develop new and desirable job skills, but it also helped to build confidence in my own abilities as a competent and valuable contributor to WA Health.

What advice do you wish someone had given you prior to starting your graduate year?

When I began the program, I was lucky enough to receive some words of wisdom from an ex-graduate who told me “you can’t come out of university knowing everything”. These words served me well during my year as a Graduate and helped pull me through some challenging times as the words reminded me that I would always be learning new things; embrace these challenges as opportunities for growth and development.

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