Benefits of the Graduate Program

As a WA Health graduate in the Finance and Business, General Corporate, ICT or Workforce Data Analysis streams, you will receive:

  • A comprehensive induction to WA Health: The induction program will provide information, guidance and support for you to commence, develop and succeed in your new role.
  • Training and development: You will receive structured training, on the job learning and professional development opportunities.
  • Mentors: These are experienced staff selected from within WA Health to provide you with career support and enhance your program experience.
  • Buddy: These are past graduates of the program who provide you with peer-level support.
  • Placement supervisors: Supervisors oversee your work programs, manage your performance and assist with your learning.
  • Program coordinator: This is the first point of contact for everyone involved in the program.
  • Graduate networking and learning group: This group provides you with an opportunity to develop peer support relationships, and to share with and learn from each other’s experiences in WA Health.
  • Performance management: This will assist you in managing roles and responsibilities, work requirements, performance outcomes and professional development.
  • Work experience: This program will improve your job opportunities and career prospects.
  • Flexible working hours: Flexible working arrangements can be negotiated to suit you and your work unit. This may involve taking time off due to working overtime hours.
  • Placements: Depending on the stream, you will participate in a number of rotational work placements in non-clinical areas within the health system.

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