System Performance Management Policy

To enable effective system performance management to drive better patient outcomes and more efficient service delivery the Performance Policy Framework and the Performance Management Policy have been established in accordance with the Health Services Act 2016.

Supporting Documents

Outcome Statements

This document provides outcome statements for performance indicators in the Performance Management Policy.  Outcome statements are a declaration of the performance indicators' strategic linkages, rationale, and relevance to key stakeholders.

Data Definition Manuals

These documents outline the data definition specifications for the performance indicators in the Performance Management Policy.

Performance Management Policy Information Compendium

This document provides context and background information to support the Performance Management Policy.

System Performance Indicator Information Compendium

This document outlines the process for the development of system performance indicators for the WA health system.

Performance Review Meeting Guidelines

This document provides guidelines for the performance review meetings between the Department of Health, as the System Manager, and each Health Service Provider.  The performance review meetings are critical in ensuring effective system performance management is achieved.

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