Aboriginal workforce

WA Health is committed to build a sustainable, skilled Aboriginal health workforce from entry level to leadership roles. This will be achieved through the planning and implementation of long-term Aboriginal workforce initiatives which aim to improve health outcomes for all Aboriginal people living in WA.

There are a number of mechanisms that WA Health will use to increase the Aboriginal workforce and job pathways across the WA health sector:

  • Establish a clear Aboriginal workforce target in which to aspire to.
  • Set clear strategic directions for WA Health, through the implementation of the WA Health Aboriginal Workforce Strategy 2014-2024.
  • Act on the WA Health Aboriginal Workforce Policy, which outlines the mandated initiatives until the Aboriginal workforce target is achieved.
  • Provide opportunities, such as cadetships, for Aboriginal people to enter the WA Health workforce.

Aboriginal workforce enquiries

Contact the Aboriginal Workforce team, Aboriginal Health by phone on 9222 2478 or email.

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