Clinical Senate of Western Australia

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The Clinical Senate of Western Australia provides a forum for clinicians to debate complex and wide ranging issues that impact upon the health of all Western Australians.

The recommendations that emerge from these high-level debates are presented to the Director General of WA Health (as System Manager) and the Health Service Boards (as Operational Managers) for their consideration and action within the broader health system.

The Clinical Senate Executive Committee is comprised of eight members led by Tanya Basile and is responsible for planning the quarterly meetings and overseeing administration of the Senate.


The Clinical Senate:

  • provides a forum where collective knowledge on clinical issues can be shared and advises the Director General of Health on solutions to clinical management issues within the WA health systems
  • increases clinician participation and advice in policy setting for the Western Australian health system
  • advises on solutions to clinical management issues within the Western Australian health system and develops recommendations for consideration and implementation by the Director General and Health Service Boards
  • furthers clinicians’ understanding of the financial management of the whole of health budget
  • improves coordination and integration between service areas
  • provides a vehicle for clinicians to champion health reform.


The Clinical Senate is an independent body and comprises more than 80 members drawn from diverse clinical backgrounds, professional skill-sets, and from both metropolitan and rural areas of the state.Members share a passion for improving healthcare services and population health in Western Australia.

Senate debates

The Clinical Senate has established a reputation as an authoritative source of clinical advice to WA Health. Over the years, it has debated many complex and controversial topics. The Senate’s topic selection process is influenced by the pressing health issues of the day, and the resulting debates resonate with key healthcare reform directions emerging around Australia and the world.

Our future program promises a series of thought-provoking debates on matters of vital concern as we strive to meet the ever-increasing demands on Western Australia’s public healthcare system.

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